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Welcome to the Kempton Group’s Media Hub. As a leader in the free-market medical movement, we create a lot of material to help current and prospective clients understand just what self-funding, KPPFree™, direct primary care and many of our other offerings are.

Feel free to peruse the videos, articles, blog posts and links to our social channels here, and if you need anything at all, please contact us.

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‘Good Faith Estimate’ could prepare you for huge medical bills

Most Americans think their biggest lifetime purchase will be there their home. But, a growing number of patients are facing medical bills twice as expensive as their home. Price transparency is an idea that is catching on around the country, yet has taken hold in Oklahoma already for several years. Learn which hospitals, doctors, and providers are earning high marks for quality while providing transparent, fair prices to patients. Those with a keen eye will notice that most of the providers in this list are also Kempton Premier Providers™ too!


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Jay Kempton Featured on ShiftShapers Podcast Series

Jay Kempton, president & CEO of The Kempton Group has been described as “the personification of a disruptive force in the self-funded world.” In The ShiftShapers Podcast Series, Episode 65, Jay talks about everything from what buying a truck would be like if we applied today’s insurance purchasing rules to why Health Savings Accounts do not represent a real long-term solution.


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KGA Articles

Webinar – RBP: Leveling the Playing Field

Reference Based Pricing (RBP) is a useful tool in your health plan playbook to help level the playing field. In this quick 15-minute webinar, Jay Kempton offers insights into the world of RBP, illustrates the impacts of RBP, and offers key points leading to RBP success.

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WEBINAR: COVID-19 | Today & Tomorrow

DESCRIPTION In this quick 15-minute update, Jay Kempton provides thought-provoking insight into where we stand today, potential plan risk, and things you need to know for your upcoming health plan renewals. Download the Slides

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