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Freedom. Choice. Authentic Patient Care.

At The Kempton Group, we’re always seeking out like-minded, innovative providers who are interested in applying transparent, free-market principles to healthcare.

We believe this is how our broken healthcare system can be repaired – and how physicians and other medical professionals can rediscover their passion for caring.

A Revolution in Healthcare Transparency

Healthcare services should be viewed just like any other purchase. Healthcare transparency provides consumers with information and incentive to choose healthcare providers based on value – not just price, but the balance between price and quality. 

Providing reliable cost and quality information empowers consumer choice. When consumers become aware that high value healthcare is far less costly, they begin to change the way they perceive their healthcare buying decisions.

It makes for healthier patient-physician relationships, fewer bureaucratic hassles, better pay and better outcomes.

Some of the Kempton Group’s Clients

Coates | Kempton Group and KPPFree Client
Tower Exclusions | Kempton Group and KPPFree Client
HOWF | Kempton Group and KPPFree Client
First National Bank | Kempton Group and KPPFree Client

A Surgical Example

Surgery Center of Oklahoma has offered cash-pay, bundled pricing for decades – starting the healthcare revolution we have taken part in. They transparently advertise their comprehensive prices, employ only the best surgeons, and the results are staggering:

  • Constant flow nationwide patients
  • Exceptional outcomes
  • Exceedingly low infection rates
  • Prices hospitals can’t compete with

The Primary Care Approach

The primary care version of this transparent, free-market healthcare philosophy is called Direct Primary Care (DPC). This membership-based model uses a fixed monthly fee per patient. The fee is typically between $50-$100 per month, paid by the employer or patient. No charges incurred at the time of the visit and access to the physician is expanded beyond the traditional office hours of 8-5.

Insurance is removed from the equation. That means:

  • No Insurance Hassles
  • Less Paperwork
  • More Time With Patients
  • Better Outcomes
  • Lower Overhead

KPPFree™ Providers by State

KPPFree™ providers practice in nearly every state in the US.

KPPFree Providers By State | Kempton Group

KPPFree™ Procedures by State

Virtually every procedure and medical service is covered by our KPPFree™ provider network.

KPPFree Procedures By State | Kempton Group

Ready to Get Started?

Whether you’re a primary care physician, clinic or even a surgery center, the first step in becoming a KPPFree™ Provider is determining your up-front, bundled pricing is. “Bundled” means all components are included, such as facility charges, surgeon fees, anesthesia, diagnostics, etc.

Remember, our employer clients are choosing to waive all out-of-pocket expenses for their employees and pay you quickly and at 100% when their employee chooses to use a KPPFree™ Provider. They do this because of the VALUE being provided. If your pricing is not competitive, we may not be able to offer your services as KPPFree™ services.

We will help guide you through this process, and we’re confident you’ll love the difference.

The Free Market Medical Association

The Free Market Medical Association (FMMA) is leading the charge for transparency, free-market principles and fairness in healthcare. We’re doing this by looking at healthcare like any other market: A paradigm of bringing together willing buyers with sellers and facilitators in a transparent marketplace.

Health Insurance and Care Empowerment | Kempton Group


Patients & employers representing patients

I Am A Healthcare Provider | Kempton Group


Physicians, facilities, imaging, lab and other healthcare providers

I Am A Current Member or Employer | Kempton Group


TPAs such as the Kempton Group representing employers

The Kempton Group also invented a streamlined way for self-funded employers to work directly with free market-minded providers, which we call KPPFree™.