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Claims, Coverage and Information on Joining KPPFree

As a provider, you are the beating heart of what the Kempton Group is all about. We strive to partner with the absolute best physicians, clinics, surgery centers and other providers to bring the best, most accountable and transparent care to our clients.

Those partners are what we call KPPFree™ providers – bundled, cash-pay, proven providers.

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Our Provider Benefit Portal is your 24/7 connection! Click the Provider Login button below to:

  • View claims status, EOBs, and checks
  • Check eligibility and plan benefits
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Claims & Correspondence Information

Claims can be filed electronically or by mail.

  • Electronically: EDI # 73100*
  • By mail: P.O. Box 211422 Eagan, MN 55121*


*Unless otherwise stated on Medical ID card.

The Free Market Medical Association

The Free Market Medical Association (FMMA) is leading the charge for transparency, free-market principles and fairness in healthcare. We’re doing this by looking at healthcare like any other market: A paradigm of bringing together willing buyers with sellers and facilitators in a transparent marketplace.

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Patients & employers representing patients

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Physicians, facilities, imaging, lab and other healthcare providers

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TPAs such as the Kempton Group representing employers

Get Help

We have full-time KPPFree™ support staff who are willing and able to assist you.

Become a KPPFree™ Provider

Little is required of you to become another exceptional provider in the Kempton Group’s growing roster of bundled, cash pay KPPFree™ Providers.

Machine Readable Files

Detailed pricing information for all covered items and negotiated rates among in-network providers and out of network claim data.