The Kempton Group Welcomes Kelsey Hostetter as Account Manager

June 22, 2021, Oklahoma City, OK – The Kempton Group Administrators, Inc., is proud to welcome Kelsey Hostetter to the Account Management Team.

Mrs. Hostetter has served clients of Kempton for more than four years in customer service and operational support roles, giving her a unique insight into client and member needs. Mrs. Hostetter will use this insight to provide enhanced service to clients and broaden the operational knowledge of the Account Management team.

Melissa Nance, Chief Brand Officer, is excited about Mrs. Hostetter joining the team, stating, “When we were looking to expand the Account Management team, I knew that we had a perfect team member internally to fill this position. Kelsey has been an invaluable resource to the Kempton team. Kelsey listens openly and facilitates team collaboration to meet client expectations. Her enthusiasm for our mission, intimate knowledge of member needs, and unique perspective are invaluable in this position.”

Mrs. Hostetter will be working with current clients, adding, “My dad taught me at a young age to work in an industry that will always be necessary. I’m glad I listened! The administration of self-funded benefit plans is my dream job and employers need our help now more than ever to provide employee benefits to their employees. I’m honored to bring transparency to the healthcare conversation. I care about where my money is spent, and I know you do too. So, let’s apply that to your healthcare!”

Mrs. Hostetter is a graduate of the University of Central Oklahoma with a bachelor’s in Public Relations.

We encourage you to reach out to Mrs. Hostetter to extend your congratulations and learn more about her new role with Kempton.


Kelsey Hostetter
The Kempton Group
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(405) 608-5137