About the Kempton Group

The Kempton Group has been an independent, family owned facilitators of health insurance benefits since 1969.

We’ve always been independent – not beholden to investors or ownership groups. We’ve also always been determined to put our clients first, but that became more and more difficult as healthcare evolved, insurance became a massive, oppressive influence and the whole system experienced extreme dysfunction.

Our watershed moment came in 2012.

As long-time industry insiders, we understood it was easier and more profitable to embrace the dysfunction rather than attempt to solve it. But that’s not who we are. We felt like we were an accomplice and decided to do something different.

A Passion for Revolutionizing Healthcare

We found like minded providers and employers and began bringing free-market principles – and a big dose of common sense – to this industry. This meant transparent, bundled pricing, clear benefits, no commissions or kickbacks and a host of other sensible (yet unheard of) practices designed to empower patients to make healthcare decisions based on actual value.

Since then, we’ve seen the movement we helped create – the Free Market Medical Association – grow by leaps and bounds, as more and more employers embrace this self-funded, transparent approach to caring for their employees.

The Free Market Medical Association

The Free Market Medical Association (FMMA) is leading the charge for transparency, free-market principles and fairness in healthcare. We’re doing this by looking at healthcare like any other market: A paradigm of bringing together willing buyers with sellers and facilitators in a transparent marketplace.

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The Kempton Group also invented a streamlined way for self-funded employers to work directly with free market-minded providers, which we call KPPFree™.

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