Free Market Medical Association (FMMA)

Bringing Transparency & Free-market Principles to Health Care

The Free Market Medical Association (FMMA) is dedicated to bringing together physicians, patients, and self-funded employers to further promote transparency and free-market principles in healthcare. The FMMA provides resources to promote a successful industry while defending the practice of free-market medicine without the intervention of government or other facilitators who seek to make healthcare opaque.

Price + Quality = Value

The FMMA is based on the belief that value can only be determined by the combination of both quality and price. All too often in healthcare, patients are aware of only one of these – and often neither. They are simply told where to go, suffer poor quality results and pay unconscionable amounts for it.

In a free-market system, a competitive price can be knowable, publishable and comprehensive – regardless of who the patient. This idea is simple and commonsense, but also, surprisingly, revolutionary in healthcare.

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Hiding Prices Should be Considered Criminal

You wouldn’t trust any other entity if they hid prices from you:
  • A restaurant with no prices on the menu
  • A contractor who refuses to provide an estimate
  • A gas station with no prices who will “bill you later”

We would never tolerate this in any other domain of our lives, yet our current healthcare system employs a magician’s bag of tricks to hide real prices from the buyer.

Why do they do it? Because if you could compare the cost versus the quality, you would likely go somewhere else. The same exact surgery provided at a large hospital is likely a tenth of the costwith better outcomes – a few miles away. Worse still, the healthcare systems and insurance carriers are in cahoots to keep you in the dark, keep you paying big money for atrocious value, and keep lining their pockets.

Today’s ballooning, unsustainable costs will never decrease until consumers can make fully educated, value-based decisions about their care.

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