Kempton Direct Access Providers

A New Relationship With Your Primary Care Physician

With Kempton Direct Access Providers, you can enroll with a participating Direct Primary Care (DPC) physician through the health plan. DPC is an alternative payment & practice model for primary care services. DPC physicians offer services for a flat monthly rate instead of a traditional fee for service arrangement, with primary care and preventive health services covered at 100%.

DPC physicians do not file insurance claims. They believe that patients and their self-funded employers will choose to pay the monthly rates because they provide a much higher level of patient care than a traditional primary care physician, and they’re right!

Direct Primary Care

  • Greater access to your physician (may include after-hours, text, email, etc.)
  • Innovative alternative to the traditional fee-for-service model
  • Simple, affordable membership fee
  • No claims filed with your health plan
  • Covers most primary care, urgent care and preventive services
  • Focuses on putting the patient and physician relationship first
  • Same or next day appointments
  • Alternative contact options via technology
  • Proactive approach to your health
  • Faster scheduling, less time in the waiting room & more time with your provider

IMPORTANT: This program is not offered by all employers. Please contact us to determine if this program is included under your benefit plan.


    Follow These Easy Steps To Enroll!

    Since Kempton Direct Access Providers is a membership-based model, employees must “join” or “enroll” with a physician. To see all participating physicians please login to your benefit portal.

    1. Log in to our Member Benefit Portal
    2. Click Kempton Direct Access Providers under “Partner Products”.
    3. Fill out the information in the “About You” section.
    4. Use the dropdown box to choose your doctor.
    5. Click the check boxes under Our Agreement.
    6. In the popup Member Agreement box, type in your name and choose “Accept.”
    7. Make an appointment to meet your new Kempton Direct Access Provider and get your Health Risk Assessment within 6 months of enrollment.

    **Services included under the monthly fee vary by physician. Only available for covered services. Please refer to your Summary Plan Description. Under IRS guidelines, participants enrolled in a Qualified High Deductible Health Plan are not eligible for this benefit.

    Your Consumer-Driven Benefits

    Eligible employees may enroll with a participating DPC and have all (or a portion of) the monthly fee covered by the health plan.

    No additional out-of-pocket cost for primary care services included in the monthly fee.

    Employees are responsible for costs for provided services that are not included under the monthly fee. These may fall to regular plan benefits.

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