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Fair Deals on Testing

The Kempton Group’s goal is to bring transparency and awareness to COVID-19 cost variability. While COVID-19 testing is covered by your plan with no cost-sharing, it is still important to keep cost in mind when choosing a testing site. Since your employer is a self-funded , being cost conscious is vital to the success of your plan.

Find a COVID-19 Testing Provider

We have created color-coded lists by state that includes every provider who has filed a claim for COVID-19 testing with any of our health plans. Green indicates a provider has fair pricing, yellow is average pricing, and red is for high pricing. Click the PDFs below to view providers and pricing.

What is a Fair Price for COVID-19 Testing?

Testing pricing in Oklahoma, Texas and surrounding states varies from a fair price of $65 to more than $800!

Independent laboratory providers such as Diagnostic Laboratory of Oklahoma (DLO), Quest Diagnostics, and Clinical Pathology Laboratories (CPL) generally provide the lowest cost and most convenient testing options. Make sure to ask the provider how much they charge for testing and the associated charges.

Emergency rooms and hospitals charge the highest amount for testing – thousands of dollars. Choose an ER only if you are experiencing a true medical emergency.

At Home Testing

Under President Biden’s action plan, over the counter At-Home Covid-19 tests are required to be covered by health plans.

Many Pharmacy Benefit Managers (PBMs) are setting up Direct Pay options so that members may obtain their Covid-19 At Home tests directly from the pharmacy at no cost. To find out whether your PBM has this functionality, or what the process is for reimbursement, please call us.

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